Wind and Fairy Caves


Wind Cave Nature Reserve (also known as Lubang Angin) provides visitors with an authentic, but relatively safe, caving experience in pitch black, bat-infested tunnels. You can also see some of the 6.16 hectares of forest and rivers in the protected reserve surrounding the caves.

Wind Cave is located 5km from the former gold mining settlement of Bau and 48km from KuchingSarawak.

It is just a few minutes drive from another show cave, Fairy Cave, and most tourists would combine both on a half-day trip from Kuching. It is worth visiting both since they are very different experiences.Unlike Fairy Cave, which has a light filled cavernous main chamber, Wind Cave is made up of three unlit tubular passages.From here the 1000 metre long plank walk disappears into the gloomy interior of the cave. There is no lighting at all at Wind Cave (to avoid disturbing the bats) so after walking for a minute or two you are completely reliant on your torch, which is indispensible for this cave.